Party Rental Company in San Diego CA Ensures Safest Inflatables for Kids Parties!

Today, inflatable dry slides, water slides and other such party rentals are the life of any party. Kids enjoy sliding down and climbing up the slides; there is no stopping them! While kids do enjoy all types of merriment, parents on the other hand are concerned about the safety of their kids, and hence they want to ensure that the product they have availed is safe, clean and hygienic.

Dirty, unhygienic and unsafe inflatables pose hazards of injury, possible skin conditions such as itchiness or welts that may be caused by particles of dust or bacteria dwelling in the inflatable toy. Considering all the valid concerns of parents for their children, reputable party rental companies take serious measures to ensure that the users (read: children) can enjoy celebrating and having fun in a safe environment.

Here are some essentials to ensure safety of dry slides and other inflatables for kids:

  1. Chemical Free Solutions

Reputable inflatable rental companies use chemical free solutions to clean their inflatable products to ensure the users are safe from any health hazard. Chemical solutions are toxic and can aggravate conditions like asthma and skin conditions. It may also have other hazardous effects. Therefore, all products from dry slides to inflatable combination units, all are cleaned with eco-friendly solutions before and after each use.

  1. Trained Staff

To ensure top safety of users, it is important to have a supervisor or attendant who can ensure that the product is used in the prescribed manner. Even a little negligence may lead to unwanted situations that can make the atmosphere of the party unpleasant. Therefore, party rental companies provide trained and qualified staff that knows how to operate the equipment and ensure safety of the users.

  1. Safe Installation & Usage

Before the companies agree to rent out products, they ensure the customer understands safety terms and conditions. This is to make sure the customer is aware of the correct usage of the product. From installation, space required, electrical power outlets required, the weight capacity of the product and other essential information related to the inflatable to ensure safety of the users.

  1. Quality of the Inflatable

The quality of the inflatable is one of the first things that is measured for safety in terms of durability and reliability through different means. Reputable companies usually offer clean and safe dry and waterslides, bounce houses, obstacle courses and other party rentals that are no older than three years or less. This is to ensure that you as a customer receive only the best product and enjoy using the party inflatable.

Premiere Inflatables® offers the best quality party rentals in San Diego CA, and its surrounding areas. Your satisfaction is our top priority, therefore we ensure that each of our product is of top quality, safe, clean and free of any hazards.

So when do you want to rent an inflatable for the next birthday bash

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