Make Your Carnival a Smashing Success in Austin TX with Bounce House Rentals!

Even if you’ve planned everything for your carnival, fair or party, there always has to be this one thing that you need to add that brings the zing to the event. Carnivals are a great place for families to come together and have fun. Everyone gets their own piece of cake and enjoys it to the fullest!

For kids, inflatable toys such as bounce houses, inflatable dry slides or obstacle courses are the most awaited and the busiest! The key to make your carnival a hit for kids, is to place an inflatable there! There won’t be single moment when the inflatable will be empty. Kids want fun and inflatable toys give them just that.

Why Choose Bounce House Rentals for a Carnival?

It’s simple; bounce houses are fun. It’s not only kids who find pleasure in jumping and going around in the inflatable, but adults too. All inflatables, whether bounce houses or waterslides, bring joy and smiles to everyone’s faces; especially kids.

Inflatable entertainment toys are perfect for carnivals and fairs. They bring the energy and excitement to the entire event and make it memorable for all the kids and teens. They are easy for kids to climb on, and have fun. They give you an adrenalin rush and make you happy, cheerful and positive. Also, since carnivals and fairs are held in open spaces, organizers have more options in terms of the type and size of inflatable they want to choose.

Choose from a Variety of Themes!

Are you bored of plain boring inflatables for kids’ parties? Then themed party inflatables are what you need. From the largest Fire and Ice combination slide, and Wet and Dry Bounce combos, to Jump ‘N’ Splash Under the Sea with/without pool and Bounce ‘N’ Double Dip Castle with Pool – we have it all. All of these are bright, big and colorful to attract kids; oh well adults love these amazing inflatables all the same!

So whether it’s a carnival for kids, a birthday bash for your little one in your backyard, a fundraiser or just simply a celebration for summer- party inflatables boost the energy in the event and make it memorable for everyone, both guests and hosts.

Premiere Inflatables has some of the largest and tallest party inflatables that are safe to use for adults and kids. All our inventory is clean, hygienic and sanitized using ecofriendly solutions. We ensure not to compromise on product quality and customer satisfaction. We make sure you enjoy our bounce house rental service and come back to us again to make your next event a smashing success!

Make Your Little One’s Birthday Extra Special with Bounce House Rentals in Austin TX!

Are you looking for a fun and affordable way to add excitement to your little one’s birthday bash? Inflatable party rentals in Austin TX from Premiere Inflatables® are the answer to your problem. You can trust our company to provide you the best quality inflatables that are clean, safe and a source of absolute fun!

Bounce house rentals are just what you need to make your kid’s party stand out from other parties in your neighborhood. The exciting and vibrant colors of the inflatables can surely attract the neighbors; no guarantee that they wouldn’t invite themselves to your next bash! Bounce houses are not only fun and exciting, and give kids a great way to enjoy themselves for a few hours, they have other benefits too!

  1. Playing on the moonwalks or bounce castles keep the children engaged and physically active. When the kids are on it, they have to use all body muscles that keep them fit too! That has unmatched advantages: entertainment, exercise and enjoyment, all in one!
  1. You can choose themed jumping castles. Whether you’re looking for inflatables for girls party or boys, you can find something that will suit your needs. The bouncy castles and other inflatables are available in different sizes, types and colors. We’ve got something for everyone!
  1. They are safe and insured which means no stress for you. All inflatables are insured from the stage government and are safe to use for kids. They are cleaned and sanitized using chemical free solutions (toxic free) so they’re good for the kids, the guests and the environment too!
  1. You can keep a good watch on your kids while having fun. While in most parties, children are likely to scatter away and easily go out of sight causing parents to worriedly look for them, having inflatables in a party means all kids are together in one place. The massive entertainment toys attract kids like a magnet and adults are tempted to try them too!
  1. Expert staff takes care of the bouncy houses. The expert staff at Premiere Inflatables® takes care of the big toys on site which leaves you as the host to give time to your guests. The staff delivers, sets up, runs and packs and picks up the inflatable from the site to make sure it is used properly without any glitches, giving the little ones a fun and exciting experience.

Choose bounce houses from Premiere inflatables® in Austin TX to add fun, laughter, smiles and joy to your little one’s birthday bash. Book your event today, have fun and let the neighbors be oh-so-envious to see the vibrant inflatables!