So You Want to Rent an Inflatable for Your Next Party?

Moonwalk party rentals, bounce houses, water slides and obstacle courses are inflatable toys that are a favorite at kid’s birthday parties, corporate events, city festivals and all kinds of gatherings. These days there are different kinds of inflatable party rentals that are available. When deciding on an inflatable, it is important to be aware of few vital elements. Inflatable rentals should be fun filled and exciting as well as safe for children to play. There are three major things that you should consider when looking to hire a company for an inflatable rental.

Must be exciting

The key purpose of inflatable is to provide fun and an exciting play time. These are spacious and colorful rides that can vary from the typical moonwalk, bouncer or jump house to today’s modern and creative water slides and obstacle courses and are such favorite for parties of all kinds. There are a variety of inflatables for kids belonging to different age groups, so it is advisable to choose the one that is suitable for the age of the children that will playing on it. In fact, check out whether the company provides suggestion on the suitable age groups.

Must be safe

Inflatable party rentals must be safe! For younger kids, inflatables must not be too high for their age group to avoid risks of kids falling accidentally, although Premiere Inflatables all have safety nets for taller rides. So, when hiring a company ensure that these inflatables are comfortable for your kids age and size. Check with the rental company about offering on-site staff assistance with the inflatable if you or another adult will not be supervising the children’s play.

Professional companies that offer these rentals may include an attendant with certain larger inflatables that makes sure that kids are safe while playing. They will look after kids playing in bounce houses, slides or obstacle courses so that they do not get hurt. Regardless of whether or not your inflatable rental comes with an attendant, someone should be watching over the children on the inflatables at all time to ensure they are not overloaded at any time.

Must be clean and hygienic

Inflatable party rental companies that are not professional or insured, also tend to be rather unhygienic. The expert service providers that are trained and licensed understand that inflatables must be cleaned and sanitized. All Party rental items at Premiere Inflatables are cleaned each week, sanitized upon delivery and are highly maintained to be kept functioning in the most suitable condition at all times. They follow strict guidelines for cleaning to help prevent any kind of potential infections.

Bounce houses are perfect ideas for kids as they simply love spending play time having fun on them. These bouncers will take the entire fun to a whole new level. The best part about inflatables is that they are liked by adults as well and that enables them to be relaxed and socialize with others while kids can be kept entertained throughout the event.

Inflatables from party rental companies can be used for all different kinds of occasions. These occasions include birthdays, family reunions, church events, wedding parties, school carnivals, fundraisers, city events and much more. If you haven’t tried the newest, coolest and safest inflatables lately, call Premiere Inflatables today and we’ll introduce you and your kids to a whole new level of fun!