Commercial Inflatable Rentals Safe – Despite Recent Incidents

Many parents find they are questioning the use of inflatable bounce houses following a second incident in which a bounce house blew away. Once again, however, it appears many news agencies failed to mention the bounce house involved was one made by Little Tykes and was designed for home use, not a commercial rental unit. There are HUGE differences between an inflatable rental made for home use that you can buy at a toy store or online.  The made for home use units are often made with much lighter materials and are not designed for the same use as that of a commercial rental unit.  Companies like Premiere Inflatables that offer rental inflatables, work hard to ensure the items offered are safe for use by children, so parents need not worry about allowing their children to play on the big commercial inflatables.

“All Premiere Inflatables’ rental items undergo a safety inspection and sanitization process after each use. When a customer calls in to rent an inflatable, they feel confident knowing the safety of their child and his or her guests is the top priority of our company. In addition, Premiere Inflatables has many procedures in place to ensure the child has a great event while remaining safe at all times,” Laura Mauro, spokesperson for Premiere Inflatables explains, explains.

A Premiere Inflatables employee delivers and sets up each inflatable rental item before inspecting it to ensure it is in good working condition. The rental fee includes the cost of the set up and take down by Premiere’s staff, and Premiere Inflatables asks that a plug be reserved for use strictly by the inflatable. For those situations where an appropriate electrical outlet isn’t accessible, Premiere Inflatables offers generator rentals at a nominal additional charge.

“Premiere Inflatables recognizes most backyard party organizers don’t have experience with renting huge inflatables such as water slides and obstacle courses, and offers these inspection and safety services as part of the rental fee so customers feel safe making use of the inflatables. No parent should spend their entire event worrying about the safety of guests, which is why these processes have been put into place. If a customer has any concerns about the safety of the inflatables, Premiere Inflatables employees will happily answer any questions so the customer feels confident using the unit,” Mauro continues.

In addition, Premiere Inflatables recommends customers have a level grassy area reserved for the inflatable, especially inflatable water slide rentals. When an area of this type isn’t available, the Premiere employee can set up the inflatable on asphalt, concrete, or dirt, but the company asks that the customer reviews this when renting the inflatable. This ensures the proper anchors or weights are brought to the event. In addition, the company recommends both vertical and horizontal clearances for the inflatables to protect the children around the area when using the rentals.

Inflatable Dash N Splash Rental

Commercial Inflatables Such as This Obstacle Course / Water Slide Combo Unit Are Very Safe

“Don’t hesitate to ask questions before renting one or more inflatables for an event. Recent incidents involving bounce houses leave many consumers wary. This doesn’t have to be the case as Premiere Inflatables places safety above everything else when it comes to party rentals. Contact the company today to discuss any concerns, and please remember the bounce houses involved in the incidents were toys for use by children and sold in local retail outlets, not rentals obtained through professional event rental companies,” Mauro declares.

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