Party Planning – Choose the Best Party Inflatables for Your Dallas Birthday Party!

Birthday party inflatables are probably one of the most amazing inventions for the entertainment of kids and adults alike. There is no denying that adults enjoy jumping and climbing on inflatables as much as adults. Having inflatable party rentals on a special occasion is a sure shot way to boost up the energy in your event.

While these inflatable party rentals are brilliant to have on any celebratory event, choosing the right one for your event is very essential. You will find many types of inflatables such as waterslides, moonwalks, obstacle courses, dry slides, inflatable combination units and much more. At Premiere Inflatables, we can help you choose the one that best fits your needs:

  1.  Waterslides

Inflatable waterslide rentals are the most favorite among kids. They can slide and climb and get a splash of water along with it. Waterslides come in different types, themes and sizes so you can always find the one that best suits your budgets and needs. These are great for summer parties, while for other times, such as colder days, dry slides are also very popular.

  1.  Bounce Houses

Bounce houses or moonwalks are the best inflatable rentals for toddlers and younger kids. These are available in different sizes and themes. If you want to get bounce house rentals for a backyard party, it is recommended to go for a smaller one that can easily fit. Choose a moonwalk depending on the number of kids who will use it and the age group of those kids (this is to make sure you don’t exceed the weight limit).

  1.  Combination Units

Inflatable combo units are great for old kids as they give them more options for play and keep them busy for longer. These are a combination of waterslides, dry slides, pool and even a moonwalk. The combination units are to offer variety to the kids so they don’t get bored too soon. Another plus point of an inflatable combination unit is that it offers the best of both worlds; those who love water can go on the waterslide and those who want to keep dry can go on the dry slide. It’s a perfect win-win situation.

Some Essentials to Choose the Right Inflatable Toy

  •  The age group – some inflatables work better for younger kids, while others may not be too suitable for older ones. Bounce houses are great for toddlers. Large slides are great for older kids.
  •  Weight capacity – larger inflatables have higher weight capacity and thus can accommodate more kids and vice versa. The weight capacity also varies according to the number of kids playing on the inflatable.
  •  Space – a backyard may be able to fit only a small-sized inflatable, a bounce house or a slide. However, if you want to go for combination units, a bigger space will be required such as a park.
  •  Budget – To get the best for your party, get the largest and biggest inflatable that fits your budget. It’s more spacious and more fun.

Premiere Inflatables offers a variety of the biggest, safest and cleanest party inflatable rentals in Dallas TX, Austin TX and adjoining areas. We help you choose the best inflatable entertainment toy for your kid’s birthday party so they can enjoy jumping, climbing and diving and don’t forget the party even after a very long time!

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